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Industrial Mixers

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High Shear Mixers Built for Vacuum or Pressure

Ross series 500 High Shear Mixers are built for service in critical manufacturing environments that require vacuum and/or internal pressure operation. The mixers are built with either single or double mechanical seals carefully selected to match the clients specific process requirements. Double seals are supplied for either conventional lubricated operation or for dry running operation for particularly sensitive applications such as in the pharmaceutical industry.

The series 500 model is available in sizes from 1.5 through 100 hp. All wetted surfaces, except the shaft support bushing are of type 316 stainless steel construction. The bushing is normally supplied in bronze or Teflon however several additional materials are available to meet each process requirement. For high solids applications special bushing lubrication systems supply a continuous lubrication to the bushing location. All stator heads are available for use with this model.