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New Cylindrical Dryer Offered

Ross Cylindrical Blender/Dryers are ideal for high-temperature processing of slurries, pastes, granular materials, pellets and powders under vacuum, atmospheric or positive pressure.

Custom built to meet the specific needs of each individual user, Ross Cylindrical Blender/Dryers are offered in many sizes from 1/2 through 515 cu.ft. capacities, in either industrial or sanitary construction. Pictured is a 10-cu.ft. unit designed to blend and dry materials at 775oF and equipped with paddle/ribbon agitator, 200-psig baffled jacket, heavy-duty high-performance mechanical seals and RTD thermocouples, pneumatically-operated inlet and discharge valves, filter assembly and vent condenser. Wetted parts of this blender are Type 316 stainless steel; units in carbon steel, Type 304 stainless steel and special alloys can also be supplied.

To speak with a blending and drying specialist about your specific application or to take advantage of our trial/rental program, call 1-800-243-ROSS(7677).