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Interfacial Surface Generator- Has No Moving Parts

Paul Harder, Manager-Motionless Mixers at Ross Engineering today announced the availability of the ISG ( Interfacial Surface Generator) Mixers for high viscosity mixing applications.

The ISG is a unique patented no-moving parts Motionless Mixer. It is generally applied to applications that involve the mixing of higher viscosity fluids. The ISG consists of mixing elements that are inserted into a pipe housing. The elements each have four holes bored through them to direct the flow of materials as they pass through the elements. If two input streams enter an ISG Mixer, the number of layers emerging from the first, second and third elements are 8, 32 and 128 respectively. This exponential progression results in over two-million layers in just ten elements. The elements are designed at oblique angles so that material entering an element near the pipe wall, exits near the center of the element, and material entering n element near the center, emerges near the pipe wall. This effect eliminates the wall smearing effect prevalent in other Motionless mixer designs.

Ross ISG Mixers are available in many materials of construction and are built from 1/2 through 4 diameter. many sizes are available from stock for immediate shipment.