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Sanitary Mix Vessels

Ross manufactures stainless steel mixing and holding vessels for use in any sanitary application. With over 170 years of experience in designing and fabricating process equipment, Ross is fully equipped to accept a wide range of customization projects, from simple jacketed tanks to very complex, large or high volume requirements.

Shown is a 50-L vessel with 150-grit electropolished stainless steel 316 wetted parts. The hinged vessel cover includes a tri-clamp nozzle for mounting a propeller mixer. Product is discharged through a flush tank ball valve with pure Teflon valve seats and gaskets. Three legs are supplied with mounting pads for use with beam-type load cells. The agitator motor and stainless steel cart are both washdown duty.

A NEMA 4X control panel is mounted on the cart handle and wired to the mixer and load cells using liquid tight conduit. It includes illuminated Start/Stop pushbuttons, speed control dial, digital speed indicator, Emergency Stop button, central display with calibration interface for the load cell system and a HP variable frequency drive mounted within the enclosure. The completely portable mixing vessel is provided with a pre-wired standard cord and plug.

Ross also builds custom reactors, pressure vessels and autoclavable sanitary tanks. To learn more about our customization capabilities, call 1-800-243-ROSS(7677) today.