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Ross introduces a new line of Compounding & Filling Vessels

Ross introduces a new line of Compounding & Filling Vessels with Magnetically-Coupled Turbine Agitator for pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, food and other sterile applications.

Shown is a 60-liter Compounding & Filling Vessel featuring an aseptic magnetic mixer designed to stir a low-viscosity suspension as it is being discharged under pressure of nitrogen and filled into vials, syringes or other containers. Particles that tend to settle out easily are constantly blended to ensure accurate composition all throughout the discharging/filling process. The magnetically-coupled turbine floats during operation up to 490 rpm. Because it is bottom-mounted, complete mixing is ensured regardless of batch level. It is optimized for cleaning and sterilization with no mechanical seals or stuffing boxes to pose a contamination risk. In between batches, a CIP tube and spray ball assembly is lowered into the vessel. Cleaning solution is sprayed in a 360 pattern at 34-53 gpm (15-37 psi).

The portable vessel is rated for 375 psi to full vacuum at 250oF. Both the vessel and jacket are ASME Code stamped and board certified. All wetted parts are stainless steel 316L with 240-grit (<20Ra) finish, electropolished and passivated. The vessel is easily wheeled from one location to another using swivel casters and FDA-compliant anti-microbial wheels with brakes.

Ross Compounding & Filling Vessels with Magnetically-Coupled Agitators can be built for any custom size up to 20,000 liters working volume. A Ross SysCon NEMA 4X Control Panel is supplied with touchscreen display for speed, load, time and temperature. This panel is mounted to the vessel and pre-wired to the mixer motor and RTD thermowell. To request a quotation or to speak with a Ross mixing specialist about your application, call 1-800-243-ROSS(7677).