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New and improved X-Series Ultra-High Shear Mixer

Ross introduces the HSM-703XC, a new and improved model of the 10HP X-Series Ultra-High Shear Mixer. This advanced inline rotor/stator mixer generates very fine dispersions and emulsions with exceptionally narrow particle size distribution. It offers more vigorous mixing, greater size reduction and higher throughput compared to conventional rotor/stators and colloid mills. Applications range from specialty adhesives, pigment dispersions, silicone emulsions, conductives pastes, polymer suspensions, agrochemicals, nanocomposites, ceramic slurries and lubricants to food emulsions, sunscreen lotions, tablet coatings, creams, ointments and supplements.

The X-Series mixing head (US Patent No. 5,632,596) is a precisely-machined stator with concentric rows of teeth and a matching rotor turning at tip speeds over 11,000 ft/min. Process fluid enters from the center and accelerates outward through channels in the intermeshing teeth of the rotor/stator. This high-velocity flow subjects the product to thousands of intense mechanical and hydraulic shearing events in a single pass.

Featuring a cartridge seal design, the new HSM-703XC is fully SIP/CIP compatible and easier to maintain with fewer parts to take apart than previous X-Series models. Seal replacement is straightforward and does not require specialized tools.

The barrier fluid tank of the HSM-703XC is also an improved design that can be completely disassembled and cleaned. All surfaces can be visually inspected. Controls for the mixer have also evolved in addition to mixer speed, amperage and power load, the operator panel can now include flow, temperature and pressure monitoring of the barrier fluid.

To speak with a mixing specialist about your application or book a no-charge mixing demonstration, call 1-800-243-ROSS(7677). Existing X-Series users can order a retrofit to upgrade to the HSM-703XC design.