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Teflon-lined Double Planetary Mixer

The Ross Double Planetary Mixer lined with Teflon is ideal for high-purity applications, providing superior chemical and corrosive resistance where stainless steel is not compatible. Highly versatile, the Double Planetary Mixer can process viscous pastes and dough-like materials as easily as it can prepare dry powder blends and wet granulations. It provides gentle but thorough agitation required by shear-sensitive gels and fragile fiber-filled mixtures. This mixer is also frequently used for vacuum drying operations.

Pictured is a 2-gallon Double Planetary Mixer equipped with Teflon-coated High Viscosity "HV" Blades and Teflon-lined vessel interior. Removable Teflon scrapers for the sidewall and vessel bottom are also provided. The identical blades rotate on their own axes while orbiting a common axis, a planetary motion that results in very predictable and efficient mixing.

A 1.5HP inverter-duty motor drives the HV blades from 6 to 120 rpm (orbital range: 5 100 rpm). The agitators and scrapers are raised/lowered into the mix can via an air/oil hydraulic lift. Explosion-proof limit switches prevent operation of the mixer when the vessel is removed or when the stirrers are not in the proper mixing position.

Ross Double Planetary Mixers are available in standard, sanitary and heavy-duty models from 1 to 750 gallons working capacity. Also offered are customizations and auxiliary equipment including custom sight/charge ports, interchangeable mix vessels, load cells, temperature probes and other sensors, heating units, vacuum pumps, discharge systems and recipe controls.

To request a quotation or to speak with a Ross mixing specialist about your application, call 1-800-243-ROSS(7677).