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Ross completes its 3000th Double Planetary Mixer

Charles Ross & Son Company, a manufacturer of specialty mixing, blending, drying and dispersion equipment, recently completed its 3000th Double Planetary Mixer. Shown is the 150-gallon Double Planetary Mixer equipped with classic rectangular stirrer blades, hydraulic lift, sealed and purged gearbox, custom sight/charge ports, CIP spray nozzles and interchangeable mix cans with flush plug valve.

Since the company introduced the worlds first Double Planetary Mixer in the mid-1940's, it has led the industry in many other pioneering technologies including vacuum mixing, integrated discharge systems, orbiting temperature probes, helical high viscosity blades and hybrid planetary dispersers. Today, Ross Double Planetary Mixers are commonly used for preparing viscous formulations, wet granulations and abrasive suspensions. These machines are also utilized as vacuum mixer/dryers for transforming pastes and slurries into free flowing powders.

Serving the process industries for over 170 years, Ross has expanded to eight state-of-the-art manufacturing locations in the US, China and India. The company offers no-charge mixing demonstrations at its Test & Development Center in Hauppauge, NY as well as a Trial/Rental Program for hundreds of in-stock mixing and blending equipment.