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Heavy-duty Kneader Extruders

The Ross AMK Kneader Extruder combines the efficiency of a double-arm mixer with the convenience of an extrusion screw. Ideal for compounding extremely viscous masses, this heavy-duty machine thoroughly mixes and discharges product in any desired form through a customizable die assembly. Compared to conventional double-arm mixers, the Kneader Extruder offers improved material handling, faster cycle times, and safer operation.

The sigma blades of a Kneader Extruder turn at different speeds and opposite reversible directions. Shafts are fitted with specially hardened and polished bushings. Located in a cavity beneath the sigma blades is the extrusion discharge screw. During the mix cycle, the screw assists in cutting and reducing solids while continuously moving materials within reach of the mixing blades, an action that helps to shorten cycle times by up to 20% compared to traditional tilt-type kneading equipment. Once mixing is complete, the discharge screw is reversed and utilized to empty the trough. The screw is easily removable for complete cleaning.

Many sizes from 2 to 4000 liters are available in both Class IV Strength (low to mid-range horsepowers) and Class V Strength (high horsepowers). Pictured is a 20-liter Class IV Kneader Extruder featuring a Ross SysCon NEMA 4X Control Panel with PLC. Speed, power load, pressure and temperature are all monitored and controlled from a color touchscreen.