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Explosion-proof High Speed Dispersers

Ross now offers explosion-proof High Speed Dispersers with NEMA 7&9 Operator Panel and special grounding provisions. Suitable for use in hazardous environments where flammable vapors, liquids, solids and/or dusts are present, these mixers include grounding systems designed to ensure that the vessel is properly grounded before the agitator is allowed to operate. The control panel features Start, Stop and Emergency Stop pushbuttons, a speed potentiometer, digital readout for agitator speed, and a 16-ft. grounding clamp device. Also supplied on the mixer are explosion-proof limit switches for locking out the motor if the blade is in a raised position or a mix vessel is not in place.

The High Speed Disperser is a common mixing tool used throughout the process industries for incorporating powders into liquid, breaking up agglomerates and producing fine dispersions. The classic saw-tooth blade of the High Speed Disperser turns at tip speeds up to around 5,000 ft/min and creates vigorous flow in low to medium viscosity formulations under 50,000 centipoise. It generates a vortex on the liquid surface into which dry ingredients are added for quick wet-out.

Ross explosion-proof High Speed Dispersers are available in many sizes from 1 to 500 HP for making batches as small a gallon to over 5,000 gallons. Floor-mounted, tank-mounted and vacuum-capable models are offered, many from stock. To speak with a mixing specialist about your application or to learn more about our trial/rental program, call 1-800-243-ROSS today.