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Industrial Mixers

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Ross ships world’s largest Planetary Dual Dispersers

Ross announces the completion of three 1000-gallon Planetary Dual Dispersers, the world’s largest change-can mixers of their kind. A dual-post hydraulic lift raises and lowers four sets of agitators – two pairs of helical high viscosity blades and two dual-blade high speed dispersers – into the jacketed mix can. Two 150HP explosion-proof, inverter-duty motors drive the variable speed agitators. The Planetary Dual Disperser’s wide shear range and robust processing capability makes it ideal for very challenging viscous dispersions up to several million centipoise.

All wetted parts, as well as the specially fabricated gearbox, are stainless steel 316L; exterior surfaces are stainless steel 304. In addition to the planetary blades and dispersers, scrapers for the vessel sidewall and bottom are also supplied for maximum temperature and mass uniformity throughout the mixing zone. All three mixers each include PLC controls, a chiller, built-in vacuum pump and a custom CIP spray system for flushing the gearbox and mixer cover.

A world leader in specialty mixing, Ross offers other change-can mixers designed for high-viscosity formulations: Double Planetary Mixers, PowerMix Planetary Dispersers and Multi-Shaft Mixers. For more information or to speak with a mixing expert about your application, call 1-800-243-ROSS(7677).