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Industrial Mixers

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High horsepower operator controls designed for hazardous locations

ROSS Systems and Controls (SysCon) offers new specialized control panels for use with high horsepower equipment in hazardous locations. A NEMA 12 main power panel, housing high voltage Variable Frequency Drives and motor protection fusing, is installed in a non-classified area and wired to a NEMA 7/9 operator station. In the pictured system built for a 500-gallon Multi-Shaft Mixer, the explosion-proof panel is designed for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D and features a user-friendly color display for viewing agitator speeds, loads and temperature, Start/Stop push button controls, speed control potentiometers, Emergency Stop button, intrinsically safe barriers for temperature probe and safety switches, and a matching terminal strip to mate with the main power panel.

Ross SysCon is a full-service machine and controls fabrication facility. It employs a diverse group of veteran process control engineers, designers and programmers with decades of experience building custom control panels, HMI, PLC controls, recipe systems and SCADA packages.