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Double Planetary Mixing & Discharging in a Sanitary Turnkey System

The ROSS Double Planetary Mixer is available in a “super sanitary” turnkey configuration, featuring a common stainless steel workbench for both the mixer and a matching discharge system. On the sanitary 4-gallon Double Planetary Mixer & Discharge System Model DPM/DS-4S shown, both interior and exterior stainless steel surfaces are type 316, with a 150-grit (#4) finish and electropolished. Its jacketed mixing vessel and special high viscosity blades are a dynamic combination for producing thick gels, pastes, putties and other semi-solids under precise temperatures. 100% sealed gearbox and stirrer shafts ensure complete cleanability and eliminate cross-contamination between batches. This system is scalable through 1,000-gallon production models.