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Industrial Mixers

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20,000-gallon Custom-Built Heated Storage Vessel

A supplier of specialty mixing equipment to the process industries worldwide, ROSS also manufactures ancillary storage tanks, pressure vessels and reactors up to 100,000 gallons at its Ross Engineering fabrication plant. Pictured is a recently completed vessel with a full holding capacity of 20,000 gallons, measuring 10-6 OD x 30 long. This horizontal vessel is designed for product storage under atmospheric pressure at 200 degrees F and is UL-142 rated. A 32 manway with davit allows easy access for an internally supported insertion heater. The vessel includes various nozzles, saddles and lugs as specified by the end user. Material of construction is stainless steel 304L, blasted and painted with black primer for outdoor exposure.

To discuss your tank fabrication requirements, contact Regional Sales Manager Lynn Fogarty at 912-401-6236 or Ross Engineering, Inc. is located at 32 Westgate Blvd., Savannah, GA 31405.