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Industrial Mixers

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Ross Introduces New Concentric Blender

Heinz Feibert, Product Manager-Blenders, today announced the introduction of an all new line of Vertical Blenders, "The Centrum Blender

The new model incorporates a unique conical-shaped agitator design combining helical ribbon and screw designs. The agitator is mounted vertically and rotates at close clearance to the conical vessel walls. Materials being mixed are moved in axial and radial directions by the agitator. The outer helix moves materials from the walls up and the screw moves materials from the bottom to the top of the vessel. This combination results in a short mix cycle at much lower cost when compared to conventional Vertical Blender designs. The cone design helps to insure a complete discharge of all materials.

Optional features include the following: stainless steel type 304 or 316 wetted parts, vacuum or pressure design, a thermocouple for temperature indication, discharge valves to suit the application, sanitary construction and a jacket on the cone for heating or cooling. The laboratory/pilot plant model includes a hydraulic lift to raise and lower the agitator from the mixing vessel.