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Industrial Mixers

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Fully enclosed ROSS Mixing/Melting System

One advantage of working with an OEM like ROSS is our unique ability to completely engineer and customize a product from the ground up. That was the case with this custom-designed Mixing/Melting and Holding Tank System used to produce highly potent and reactive materials at 350F and up to 10 psig internal pressure.

The system includes a pressure-rated sealed enclosure with an operator-friendly safety glovebox and two mixers each equipped with a two-wing anchor agitator, Teflon scrapers and jacketed 6-gallon vessel. One functions as a mixer/melter connected to a vacuum powder loading system; the other functions as a holding tank which gravity feeds the finished product to a downstream coating machine.

A specially designed elevator system enables the mixers to be lowered to a maintenance position and raised to an operating height which allows for gravity feed from the melter to the holding tank. A hot oil heater and chilled water cooler were supplied as well.