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Ross Completes 750 Gallon Change Can VersaMix

Bogard Lagman today announced the completion of a 750 gallon Triple Shaft VersaMix which will be used to produce creams and lotions while operating under full vacuum conditions.

The unit includes three separate and independently controlled agitators including a) Three wing triangularly shaped anchor with scrapers. The anchor serves a dual purposes including the scraping of the vessel walls to maximize heat transfer and the transfer of minor ingredients and viscous raw materials to the high speed heads. b) High Speed Disperser used for the dispersion of solids into higher viscosity fluids c) Mixer Emulsifier to emulsify and homogenize the batch and to provide stability to the emulsion.

A complete control console was also provided from Ross Syscon to control the speeds of all agitators. Timers, ammeters and speed indicators were also included to provide maximum control of the entire process cycle.