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Industrial Mixers

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Sealed Small Volume Lab Mixer Introduced

Ken Langhorn - Technical Services Manager today announced the availability of a new design addition to the Rotor Stator product line. The new design is a sealed mixer assembly for use with the established line of Model 100LC Rotor Stator Mixers. The new sealed assembly option permits operation of the mixer in a closed and controlled environment and under vacuum if desired. Additional 100LC options include a high-speed disperser, conventional propellers and turbines and a micro-mix attachment for test tube batches.

The 100LC is a high shear laboratory mixer for bench top use. The 100LC is variable speed up to 10,000 rpm. It includes a digital control panel, the panel includes a cycle timer, speed controller, power meter and a convenient automatic raise/lower feature.

The Model 100LC is stocked and is available for no-charge trials prior to purchase. A rental option with credits toward purchase is also available.