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Industrial Mixers

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700 Series InLine Rotor-Stator Mixer Introduced

The new 700X Series Rotor-Stator mixer being offered by Charles Ross and Son Company is designed for the most challenging production requirements and around the clock service.

The 700X Series is proving to be a superior alternative to costly homogenizers. It is designed to operate at a differential pressure to 50 psi. The X-Series rotor-stator mixer is a new patented design. Since the mixer does not have fast wearing impingement plates maintenance is kept to a minimum. The X-Series mixer depends on high shear rates that are generated by a close tolerance multi-rowed rotor/stator turning at high speeds. Production rates are available up to 75 gpm. When combined with positive displacement pumps the mixers can be pushed to even higher limits.

This machine is direct driven and includes high speed tapered roller bearings which are cooled and lubricated by a forced oil injection system. A shimming plate arrangement permits the adjustment of the gap between the rotor and stator. All motors are inverter duty for continuous duty at 80 HZ.