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Industrial Mixers

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New PowerMix Offered with Special Chopper Blades for Dry Solids Applications

Ross now offers a new design of the popular PowerMix for the mixing of dry solids requiring high shear to break up agglomerates. The patented PowerMix combines a slow speed planetary stirrer with a high speed chopper blade. Both agitators revolve on their own axis while at the same time on a common axis. The high speed blade provides an intensive shearing action, while the planetary stirrer continually moves the bulk of the batch into the high speed blade. The action of the planetary blade also removes material from the tank wall to insure good heat transfer during the mixing process. The PowerMix is available in many sizes from 1/2 gallon to 500 gallons working capacity. Vacuum construction in a wide range of materials, complete control systems, wall scrapers, sanitary designs, etc., are available to suit the needs of each client.