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Industrial Mixers

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Discharge Systems Redesigned

Charles Ross and Son Company has completely redesigned its line of Follower Plate Discharge Systems. Discharge Systems are used to push viscous non-flowing materials form a change can mix can, after completion of the mixing cycle. The new HED line of Discharge Systems is a complete departure from the earlier model. The HED line eliminates the mechanical screws used on earlier models to raise and lower the mix can to the hydraulically operated platen. The entire system is now driven by a single, remotely positioned hydraulic power-pack, and all controls are positioned on the side of the discharge system frame. This simplified design nearly eliminates the possibility of any mechanical failures, and also provides for close and accurate control of discharge pressures and rates by the user. The HED series is available in sizes ranging from 10 through 200 gallons capacity and in either standard or sanitary design. Included are full hydraulics and controls so that the unit is fully operational upon receipt and set up in your plant. The HED Discharge System is available for testing in the Ross Test and Development Center, or for evaluation in your plant on a trial rental basis.